Announcing AOD Business 2018 Final Edition and AOD Corporate 2018 Final Edition

United Directory Systems (UDS) has just launched the 2018 Editions of our Business and Corporate database applications. You can now get the freshest business data in Australia for your upcoming campaigns before your competitors do.

Go here to purchase these latest editions. An update guide for existing users will follow below. Firstly however, it might be useful to understand what has been updates and a little history on how these versions came to be.

Earlier this year we announced that our 2017 Final Editions of AOD Business and Residential were going to be the last physical discs before we transition to a new product delivery system. Due to popular demand, we have decided to update these products to a Final 2018 Edition at this stage. You might be thinking: “If it’s the final edition, does that mean it’s the end? Where does the future lie for AOD?”. Rest assured we have an exciting roadmap for 2018.

It doesn’t take a genius to know physical media such as CD, DVD and soon even Bluray is going the way of the dodo. AOD has always been released on physical media and has a prestigious 30 year history & reputation to match. We have spent decades tirelessly updating our databases and providing solutions to businesses so they can improve their bottom line. Unfortunately the name of our product ties us into a certain physical media based on disc… for now.

As of 2018 we will be transitioning all existing products to a web-based delivery system. The new system will vastly improve the way you will be able to access up-to-date data and will signal a new improved era for UDS and our users. Rest assured we will have upgrade pathways in place to smooth the transition to a new system.

In the meantime, we’re still producing our disc based products in this transition period. As always, if you don’t have a disc drive just let us know and our team will be more than happy to help out. Please note however, new users may need to wait for their product keys in the mail for verification purposes.

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Update Guide for Existing Users

AOD Business has been updated every year as it is our flagship product. If you have any previous version we still recommend updating as it is our latest product.

AOD Corporate hasn’t seen an update for over 2 years so we can also recommend an upgrade for this product no matter which version you own. The 2018 version will always be better than previous versions if you value the latest data.

AOD Residential Final Edition is of a 2017 vintage. If you have purchased the final edition there is no further update and no need to upgrade in 2018. If you have an older version such as 2016 or earlier, now is the perfect time to upgrade as we will not be releasing any physical updates to AOD Residential.

NZOD 2015 is the latest planned version for our NZ product. If you want a New Zealand Database this is simply the best data we have.