Which Product Is Right For Me? Compare AOD Versions

AOD Business 2015 AOD Corporate 2015
AOD Business AOD Residential AOD Corporate
Number of Records 1 million + 4.5 million + 25,000 +
Includes Addresses Yes Yes Yes
Includes Phone Numbers Yes Yes Yes
Includes Mobile Phones   Yes  Yes Yes
Includes Email Addresses Yes No Yes
Includes Super Extended Records (ie: Contact Names etc) No No Yes
Easy-to-use Interface Yes Yes Yes
Can Export to Excel, CSV etc Yes Yes Yes
Can Print lists directly Yes Yes Yes
Can search by Phone Number Yes No Yes
Can search via
Postcode Range
Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Use, No Expiry Ever Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Export Yes Yes Yes
Requires Washing against DNCR Most businesses exempt from DNCR* Yes Most businesses exempt from DNCR*
Retail Price $895.00 $1545.00 $795.00
Online Price $595.00 $895.00 $495.00
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

The simplest way to explain the difference of our products is as such:

AOD Business is similar to the scope & style of a Yellow Pages database with 1 million+ records.

AOD Residential is similar to the scope & style of a White Pages database with 4.5 million+ records.

AOD Corporate is a new niche product containing 25,000+ super-extended corporate records which include up to 5 contact names per organisation & many other bonuses.

Still insure if you need AOD Business, AOD Corporate or Both? Make sure to read this handy guide.

* Laws are constantly changing and it is up to each individual user to make sure they are using the data contained within our products lawfully, such as abiding by relevant SPAM laws and the Do Not Call Register.