Product Licensing Information

All UDS products available for purchase on our website are individual products/discs supplied with a standard local site license each. This includes use of the each disc for one (1) machine/user. The license provided with AOD excludes on-selling (in part or in whole) the data or use of the data by any department or third party, outside of the office in which the disc is housed which also excludes inter or intra branch use. A Commercial License is available for such requirements, please Contact Us for more information.

Standard Site License 1 Agreement

For use strictly at the site/office where the disc/s are delivered/installed. 95% of users avail themselves of this license. A user may:

  1. Download unrestricted quantities of data for any type of in-house marketing strategy
  2. Use any generated list as many times as they wish for mail-out or telemarketing purposes.

The user may not:

  1. Sell or trade data in part or in whole with any third party, for whatever reason
  2. Use the data on behalf of any third party 
  3. Make data available inter-office, inter-departmentally or indeed to any other division of the purchasing entity intra or inter-state.
  4. Telemarket any information contained on AOD for the benefit of other divisions, offices or third parties/clients.
  5. Use the information contained on Australia On Disc to compile a competitive product.
  6. Permit the information to be networked.
  7. Download data in part or in whole, with a view to making such information available on-line

Installing on Multiple Computers

If you are running AOD on multiple machines please purchase multiple copies of AOD. If you are attempting to install AOD to a second computer from a single license, or if you are attempting to allow multiple users to access a single instance of AOD: please keep in mind this is not permitted and you will be in violation of our license agreement.

AOD has licensing protection which will alert & revoke your access to the application if you attempt to run two copies on the same license – so it’s best to have a unique key for each installation of AOD you wish to run.

Volume Licensing

Our shopping cart will automatically apply volume licensing discounts in your shopping cart for multiple installations.

Also, if you have only purchased one license but need to expand for multiple new users, you are entitled to a discount for any further copies of AOD you plan to be running as an existing user. Please Contact Us for further details.


Product “at-a-time” Export Limits

There are no limits on the quantity of records you can export from the AOD databases. However In order to prevent the database being exploited by unscrupulous operators we have imposed generous “32,000 Records-at-a-time” limit on our business products and “100,000 Records-at-a-time” on our residential products. You can still export as many times as you like but you will need to refine your search into smaller searches if a particular search yields too many results.

This has been put in place to prevent the whole database from being exported for purposes that are in breach of the license agreement and we have found this is more than enough for the majority of customers.

This is the only limitation we have which serves to protect our database so that it is still of high value to our customers. List brokers impose many restrictions on their data (such as not being able to use the data after a certain period of time) but we do not do this. Plus keep in mind you are always able to refine your searches into smaller, more targeted  if you happen to hit the limit.