Important Upgrade Information for AOD Residential 2016 Residential (Supplemental Edition)

Today we are proud to launch the Supplemental 2016 Edition of Australia On Disc: Residential Edition. This release is different from any release we have previously made, hence the unique distinction from our other products. Hopefully this article will help to explain this distinction.

So what exactly is the Supplemental Edition?

First, a little backstory. In 2012 AOD Residential was introduced as a brand new product to much fanfare. The first thing we noticed was it’s size compared to our core product AOD Business (7 million compared to 1 million). With size came software performance limitations as well as limitations in updating such a large database but we were still able to release the product successfully.

Continuing on with product updates, we released the 2013 Edition with updated data across the board, however the subsequent 2014 Edition never arrived. The result meant that between 2013 and 2015 we completely skipped a version and AOD Residential 2014 now resides in the category of vapourware.

So why did this happen? Firstly, our smaller Business product is our core product so it is updated on a rigid schedule. Our larger Residential product is released on a looser schedule due to it’s size and quality constraints. We have quality control procedures to ensure we release a high standard of data every year and the database is significantly improved. Due to sheer size of the residential database, sometimes it proves near impossible to completely update from top-to-bottom every year. This means if we cannot reach a high enough standard, the product may not get released in one year.

The 2016 Supplemental Edition is different: we knew we had the most up-to-date data for NSW and QLD and we knew we needed to get this database to our customers. We are glad we were able to release an edition this year, even if it is later than expect and exists in a new supplemental category. As a result, this edition is updated mostly in the QLD & NSW states. Despite this, AOD Residential 2016 contains the freshest & most current Residential database in Australia, across the board, hands down.

As an existing user of AOD Residential 2015 Edition, Should I Update?

If you are focused on any (or both of) QLD and NSW states you should update. If you are focused on other states there is no need to update.

Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions about this edition our friendly customer support team will be happy to answer any of your questions.