June 29th, 2016 marks the 30th anniversary of United Directory Systems. We can truly say UDS has stood the test of time with a long and successful history creating successful marketing outcomes for our clients.

Framed photograph (2' 6" square) of the first Australia On Disc - presented to United Directory Systems May 1988

Framed photograph (2′ 6″ square) of the first Australia On Disc – presented to United Directory Systems May 1988

Our history dates so far back that personal computers weren’t even commonplace. Early databases were deployed on ASCII/EBCIDIC magnetic tape, before a partnership with the company that invented the CD-ROM (Philips) was formed. Australia On Disc came not long after and we have been compiling our databases and improving the software year-after-year ever since.

Throughout the years we have seen a multitude of uses for our Australian Business & Residential databases: for marketing (telemarketing, direct mail), research (market research, business plan viability, academic research) and more. Users of Australia On Disc include:

  • High profile politicians
  • Law-enforcement agencies
  • Prominent charitable organisations coast-to-coast
  • The “Who’s Who” of Australian call centres
  • Every facet of the real estate sector
  • Singers, entertainers and up-and-coming musicians
  • Film Distributors at the serious end of the business
  • Multinationals – most being household names.
  • Many government departments
  • Too many entrepreneurs to count
  • Diverse businesses & organisations in at least twenty different countries
  • Insurance companies of diverse coverage
  • and much more…
The very first AOD "Off the assembly line" May 1988. Both are currently on display at US Headquarters.

The very first AOD “Off the assembly line” May 1988. Currently on display at US Headquarters.

AOD has truly made a mark on the Australian business landscape, contributing to our overall vision of connecting businesses with other businesses and consumers better.

Bonus: Management recently recounted a story from the very early days of AOD which illustrates the vintage of what we have endured over the years:

The lady back in the very early nineties who called us up demanding not only a full refund but compensation for her “damaged computer” after she had “tried for hours” installing it and eventually giving up after she could not get the CD into “that little slot” and her fervent attempts at trying to force the disc into her 3 1/2″ floppy drive… finally split the casing. She didn’t even possess a CD drive!

Here’s to another 30 years!